When Corn Flakes & Co. were looking for a business consultant who could understand and believe in their new concept, most laughed in their face. But we at Human2Human Consulting were not laughing. We were seeing the possibilities of this cereal success; cafe goes snap, crackle and pop!

The concept is simple; you can choose from literally hundreds of breakfast cereals, many of which are not available usually in Spain. But not only do you have a massive choice, you can also mix as many cereals as your bowl will carry and on top of this (quite literally) you can add a wide range of toppings from sweets to sauces.

Seeing Spanish teenagers tucking into a heady mix of honey nut loops and sugar puffs brings home the reality that Corn Flakes & Co. have hit on a niche market that is booming.

The demographic is typically young, but not exclusively. This appeals to a surprisngly wide range of clientele and it doesn’t have to be all coco pops and sugar. There are many healthy choices complemented by a wide range of different milks.

This is not the first breakfast cereal bar, but it is the first one in Barcelona. And boy is it successful, just look at the queue which is typical every night. Moral of the story? Let people laugh but do not let that stop you from thinking differently. He who laughs last is probably eating honey nut cornflakes with cheerios and strawberry sauce.

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