Investing in health and wellness for productivity

We are finding more and more employers are asking about wellness services for their staff as they realise that this not only has a dramatic effect on days lost through illness and sickness, but that it is also an investment in people that creates loyalty and higher productivity.

With health, promotion and income generation in mind, it was interesting to see Pembrokeshire council has grasped the wellness mantle and agreed to pay £50,000 as part of a deal to host an annual triathlon event. Ironman Wales, a local version of the Ironman triathlon, was held in Pembrokeshire between 2011 and 2016. The council estimates the event contributes around £3.7m to the local economy.

We can’t say how many council employees will take part, but investing in health and wellness in general for many reasons is high on the agenda for both the public and private sector.