Digital transformation is a top priority for local authority managers and while most have a strategy in place to deliver it, lack of both skills and investment remain key barriers to implementation. This is according to a recent survey. Insurance featured highly so let’s talk about Local Authority Digital Transformation.

For most LAs there is a mismatch between what managers saw as digital priorities and how far they had progressed with implementing it themselves; while 32% saw the cloud as a priority only 12% said they were fully using it. Similarly 39% saw data sharing as important but only 8% admitted to having started to implement it in their own organisation. This is a mismatch that needs to be redressed as soon as possible.

83% of respondents regarded digital transformation as among their top five high priorities within their organisation, of which 58% saw it as within their top three. Surprisingly 9% did not actually see it as a strategic priority at all. However, when asked if they had a digital transformation strategy in place 56% said they did, 13% replied that they did not and 30% said it was embedded in individual projects.

Main goals of Local Authority Digital Transformation
The main goals for digital transformation were seen as ‘improving services’ and “cost savings”. Less cited were ‘collaborating across organisations to deliver regional transformation” and “generating revenues” to invest in other areas.

69% of LAs said that insurance and other back-office activities will be the areas most affected by Local Authority Digital Transformation. 45% of respondents expected to achieve savings of at least 10% on total budgets for the areas impacted, with 13.7% of respondents anticipating savings in excess of 20%.

So what is holding local government back from making the inevitable cost saving and improvements in service? The main factor is the lack of -in-house skills. Other factors quoted are a lack of money to invest, cultural resistance and concern about security.

Human2Human believe that it is the bigger picture that is vital here. Any short-term increase in expenses will be paid-back many times in future savings and improvements in services. Whilst there is a clear lack of in-house skills, there are outside experts including us who can step in and have an immediate effect. With our extensive experience working in the public sector, we are well used to the concerns raised and we have in place the mechanisms to deal with these concerns. For example we know all too well that it is really pointless to intoduce new technology, systems or working practises if the staff are unhappy or uneasy with change. To truly effect positive change, the journey must include all staff.

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