Following recent statistics that show that the UK productivity levels are woeful, the common issue in our experience is that poor management makes Britain unproductive.

Studies have shown that Britain suffers from a long tail of business with lacklustre productivity, and our experience confirms that this is due mainly to the decline in the quality of leadership and management compared to other advanced economies.

Sir Charlie Mayfield, the chairman of John Lewis has this week launched a nationwide business campaign to improve management standards and raise the economy’s potential.

German workers can produce as much in four days s Britains can in five. Jurgen Maier, the cheif executive of Siemens puts this down to a more organised way of going about things.

Sir Charlie believes that if a lot of companies do a little better, it would add £130 billion in value to the UK economy.

So the burning question is what can your business do to increase your productivity? Are you one of the many businesses who see this issue as someone elses problem? We see many operations where we are told by senior managment that they have done all they can and thay cannot improve productivity any more, but after some investigation we have to report back that this is simply not the case.

In our opinion, the first step is to get over the collective management ego and acknowledge that improvements can be made, then get expert help to identify where those improvements can be found, and have the strength to implement the necessary action.

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